To the Shores of Tripoli – Microsoft and the Military.

Let me be the first to say, I in no way approve of Microsoft’s responses to the US Military’s complaints about the 24-hour check-in for the Xbox One. Saying “Well, buy an Xbox 360” really wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I’m pretty sure Microsoft will quietly put together workarounds for serving military personnel before launch – I just wish they could get their marketing reps to shut the hell up for ten minutes.

That being said, much as I support troops serving over seas – I’ve donated to Help for Heroes (UK citizen here) more than once and I’m looking forward to the day we bring our troops home from Afghanistan – No gaming company can make a console with the military solely in mind, and frankly the storm in a teacup that’s suddenly sprung up around this issue smacks more of people trying to drum up negative PR for the Xbox One anything else.

This article from Navy Times is highly critical of the XBones security features, with seemingly valid reasons. However, Penny Arcade Report states that the Authorisation check in will be Kilobytes worth of data, and can be done from a tethered mobile phone without adversely affecting a phone’s data plan.

The other issue raised has been region locking. Supposedly, the Console will check against a range of IP addresses to determine if you are in a valid region. Given that the military contracts out it’s internet provider contracts to companies like AT&T, are you telling that those companies couldn’t find some way to mask their IP and make it appear as if its a US address? Hell, I know people who do that from their home computer.

It isn’t an ideal service for everyone, I know. But one of the examples used for the argument against is the idea of a crewmember on a Nuclear submarine. I’m sorry, but you can’t build high-end tech with those people in mind. Don’t get me wrong, it sucks, but Microsoft have already made it very clear they don’t consider the Xbox one to be purely a gaming machine. You can’t put that level of functionality into something and not be forced into compromise on some – from a larger perspective – minor issues.


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