Review: State of Decay.

I’m crouched in a small one story house, a pistol at hand. I made sure I took plenty of ammo from my homes supply cache before coming here, and with a machete for backup I should be able to manage any threats. Carefully, I search through the houses cupboards to find vital supplies.

I’m too loud, the door begins to bang as fists pound on the wood. The door bursts open, and a glowing eyed beast stumbles into the room, hatred burning in its face. I level my pistol and fire. The Zombie’s head explodes and the now lifeless corpse drops to the floor.

The radar in the bottom left of the screen lights up. The pistol shot was too loud. The Horde knows I’m here. And they’re coming for me.

Welcome to State of Decay.

Zombies have the reputation of having been done to death. from Left 4 Dead through Dead Rising, even Call of Duty has a zombie add-on. State of Decay is not like those. Whilst you will spend a lot of time fighting zombies, it will mainly be desperate fighting for the purposes of survival, not a glorious attempt to destroy the undead’s ranks. Use a gun without a suppressor and it will attract even more zombies. You’ll spend most of you time in Melee combat, using everything from pipes and tree branches to swords and Machete’s.

There is a plot to State of Decay, but most of the time you’ll be so fixated on making sure your small community survives, it will be an entirely secondary concern. Gathering supplies to upgrade your home base, food to keep your community from starving and medical supplies to stop you dying will occupy a lot of your attention.

You start off in the character of Marcus, but as you recruit more survivors, you’ll gain more people to go out and explore the world with. Don’t get too attached to them, most of them will end up dead. Marcus has been dead for about a week in my game. Each character has their own characteristics and skills and you have to think carefully about who you go walkabout with. Fatigue and wounds all affect your efficiency, and this balancing act will keep you thinking about what you need to do.

Be careful. you’re being constantly hunted, and the world is very much against you.


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  1. “Be careful. you’re being constantly hunted, and the world is very much against you.”

    This perfectly overviews what the game has in store for you.

    State of Decay is like a low-budget Hollywood movie which turned out to be a box-office hit. It defines what a zombie survival game should be and also showed what open world games is missing.

    It’s not as easy as you may think so don’t hesitate to get some tips if necessary:


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