MMOs for Consoles – good idea, or misguided targeting?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest player of MMOs. I flirted with the first Guild Wars, and I had a few months of playing FireFall over the last year or so that were pretty enjoyable, but by and large I’ve never really got into them, largely due to the accessibility of the genre. But alongside the way they played and subscription fees I could never find one that justified the expense.

But the next generation of consoles are bringing MMOs away from the sanctum of the PC to the sofa and TV of the wider gaming community. Elder Scrolls online and Planetside 2  are two of the opening gambits in this new range of games, but will they simply take a cut of your Xbox Live/PSN+ money, or will they require a seperate subscription, along the lines of the Netflix/Lovefilm model?

I’m going to cheat now, and ask the opinion of the people who – apparently – read this blog!


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