Pay to win is not a thing.

One of my least favourite current complaints about games is about microtransactions. Admittedly, I can understand a lot of these frustrations – having to pay small amounts for things, especially in ostensibly free to play games, can be annoying. 

But the things that gets me is the argument of ‘pay to win.’

I play assassins creed multiplayer. I find it very good, and I rather enjoy it – I’m not half bad at it either. And you know what? Assassins creed 3 offers microtransactions. In all likelihood, AC4 will do exactly the same thing. Hell, I even paid to unlock blender, one of my favourite perks, a little bit early.

you know how many games that won me? Precisely zero. 

People can go on about pay to win as much as they like, but the fact is that being good at a game will always win out over buying the biggest toys. I’ve seen level 3 players beat level 65 players who are overconfident in their abilities and the gadgets they’ve bought. The same is true of any game – You can spam a rocket launcher if you like, but there will always be some bugger who can kill you with a handgun – and that person will have practised to make sure they are capable of doing that.

You know how they practised? By working their way up to it. The nature of games is that all of those abilities and weapons are available through perseverance and gameplay – you don’t need to buy a single thing.

Buying gear and abilities with microtransactions is the equivalent of doing steroids in athletics – you may have one or two moments in the sun, but you will always be found out. 

Okay, thats probably a little unfair – theres nothing wrong with buying good gear. But don’t expect to automatically become a god at the game because of it.


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