The morality of video game violence – Reader’s Feature

A lot of good points raised here.


A reader explores what levels of violence he’s personally okay with in video games, and how he rationalises killing some enemies but not others.

I thought it was about time I visited the subject of violence in games, but not in the way you might expect. I want to talk about my own, quite bizarre, measure of what I enjoy and don’t enjoy about violence in games.

I will jump straight in and say that I dislike the campaigns in most first person shooters such as Call Of Duty and Battlefield because I find the endless killing unpalatable, but give me some Covenant scum from Halo and I will knock ‘em down like skittles.

Recently I was asked why I enjoyed games like Splinter Cell: Conviction and Halo when they’re just as violent as their counterparts and I came to the conclusion that my enjoyment is increased when I have…

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