Weekly Anime Roundup: Battles and Beasties.

Well, we’re back once again, and with two of my weeklies finishing off their seasons this week I’m going to be looking for some new shows to watch through the coming months. Most of the Simulcasts Crunchyroll are showing are deep into their runs, so it’s going to take me a bit of time to catch up on their episodes. It’s entirely possible that by the time I have it’ll all be over anyway!

Anyways, moving onto this weeks nonsense…

Erin eps 1+2.

I’d been eyeing up Erin  for a while, as I’m a sucker for fantasy stories, but at fifty episodes I hadn’t really sat down with the intention of committing myself to watching it. I finally started it this week, and I’m rather glad I did! It’s a lovely little show, and the first couple of episodes have focussed on the Ten-year-old Erin’s relationship with her mum, whose job is to care for large lizard-like beasties called Tohda.

“You too can care for the mega-lizards, my daughter!”

At this early stage, we’re not into the larger plot of the anime, with the first couple of episodes focussing on character development and showing Erin’s affinity for the Tohda – while others around them see the beasts solely as tools of war, Erin and her mother care deeply about them, giving them a level of sympathy. I’m pretty much in this one for the long-haul, so hopefully it won’t disappoint.

Valvrave the Liberator Ep.23

Two episodes left in Valvrave  means that finally, finally, they have to get a bloody move on with their plot. It’s pretty much guaranteed at this point that none of the characters are coming out of this intact, be it Haruto losing all his memories, valvrave pilots getting the shit blown out of them or unrequited love continuing with its unrequitedness.

I freaking know, right?
I freaking know, right?

With next week being the climactic episode, I’m struggling to see how they’re going to wrap up all the plotlines. In this weeks offering, the Baddies were exposed for being the lying bastards they are by the unique method of having their throats cut on live TV. We also lost our second Valvrave pilot in the space of three episodes, with Yamada getting blown to tiny pieces.

For fucks sake, Sunrise.
For fucks sake, Sunrise.

Haruto is also having his memories slowly destroyed by piloting his Valvrave, meaning that he’s now starting to lose his childhood memories of his TrueLoveForever Shoko. Basically, if you’re a character in this show, next weeks episode is probably going to suck for you. My main concern, like before, is that its just going to feel rushed. If the writers hadn’t spent so long with dicking around on Earth in this series, the major plot revelations could have been done in such a way that the last quarter of the show doesn’t feel like its been packed together. We shall see.

Infinite Stratos 2 Ep.12

Infinite Stratos finished it’s second season with a bang – literally. The episode was pretty much action from end-to-end as the students faced off against the baddies of Phantom Task. There really isn’t too much I can say about this episode, although the episodic storytelling can pretty much be excused by the fact that it’s blatantly obvious there’s going to be a third series. Absolutley none of the romance plotlines were resolved, an long story short, shit got blown sky high for twenty minutes running.

And Houki cries. This makes Ichiko come back to life. Of course.
And Houki cries. This makes Ichiko come back to life. Of course.

All in all, it was a fun little series to watch through to the end. It’s very silly and has absolutely no pretensions. The blatant setup for the third series is there, so I look forward to it.


Walkure Romanze Eps. 11/12

Another one coming out of the same stable as Infinite Stratos, Walkure Romanze finished up a bit more softly than IS, with a jousting tournament that settled 95% of the plotlines in the story.

Good-knight. lol.
Good-knight. lol.

The main sticking point for me at the end of the series was the lack of resolution on the romance front. The interpersonal stories between all the girls were well and good, but I likes me a romantic ending, ya dig?

From the way the show finished, theres room for a second season. Will there be one? Of that I’m less sure – the show finished with a rather empthatic “The End”, but that isn’t exactly a guarantee. It’s pretty much in 8-Bit’s hands now, so I suppose if its popular enough it’s something that they’ll look into. As a standalone, its a rather enjoyable, though fanservice heavy, watch.

If I don’t post anything further this week, have a wonderful Christmas!


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