Weekly Anime Roundup – No. Just No.

So, this week I decided to watch  The Ambition of Oda Nobuna and the Sword Art Online: Extra Edition movie, and a couple of Crunchyroll’s new Simulcasts. The two I managed to watch before my self-imposed deadline were “Recently, my sister is unusual” and Seitokai Yakuindomo.

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

This is one of those Anime that by all rights shouldn’t work. It has all the things we’ve seen before – a time-transplanted main character and a bevy of women, all of whom are capable of kicking ten shades out of him. For some reason, though, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna really clicked with me.

The show started incredibly randomly with our hero, Sagara, appearing in the middle of a battle and meeting Oda Nobuna, who is strangely female version of the legendary Japanese unifier, Oda Nobunaga. By a random string of events Sagara ends up saving Nobuna’s life and becoming one of his retainers. Throughout the Anime, Sagara uses his knowledge of the future to win battles and gain the trust whilst looking for a way home.

Yes, she looks happy.

Whilst the series has it’s share of inconsistent moments, it manages to keep its momentum through the show, and ends up as a fun romance anime with some entertaining action. I got through the whole series in the space of a day, and that should tell you that it was compulsive enough to keep me watching!

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition

Ah, cheesy clip show, where would we be without you? Perhaps in a place where more than 45% of a show is made up of original footage.

I love Sword Art Online. I really do. But even if this is a segue from 2012’s first series to a new one this year, I would have liked it more if they makers had focussed more on the story they were trying to tell than using it as a framing device for clips from the first two arcs.

for the first hour and a quarter or so, we’re treated to a framed recap as Kirito retells the events of the show to government agent Kikuoka Seijirou. The most interesting part of this is the fact the Kikuoka appears in the light novels, and his appearance is a forerunner to the next arc – which looks to be coming out in 2014!

Whilst Kirito is telling us all the stuff we already knew, his girlfriend Asuna is joined by the first arc’s Liz and Silica to try and teach his sister Suguha how to swim, because they need it for a mission in the ALO RPG world, and its a cheap excuse to get the characters into swimsuits.


As entertaining and full of foreshadowing as Extra Edition was, it was disappointing that the new footage was restricted to twenty minutes at the end of the two hour running. I can’t help but feel this was a slightly missed opportunity for SAO – but I still can’t wait for the next series.

Recently, My sister is unusual ep.1

Well this show started amusingly enough, then took a quick sideways detour through “What the fuck am I watching valley” with a stopover at “Am I going to be arrested for watching this” village.

Some people on Crunchyroll have stated that I’m just a prude for this opinion, but frankly, watching what was essentially an underage non-consensual sex scene being played for laughs just isn’t my gig, thankyou very fucking much.


Seitokai Yakuindomo ep.1

This one was just weird. I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but this anime about a school council was just a bit scattershot for me. The innuendo flew thick and fast and for most of the episode but there was very little resembling a plot at this point.

Neither this image or the show made much sense.
Neither this image or the show made much sense.

If this shows a bit more of a plot in episode two, then it’ll go on the simulcast list. We shall see.

Until Next Time!



    1. People who complain about swimsuits are just looking for something else to complain about. People are right to whinge about the amount of time spent recapping though – it would have been nice to have more new footages.


    2. Also, I would say approach the second half of the series without preconceptions – it’s very different to the first half, but still a good fun fantasy / Sci fi story.


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