Weekly Round Up: Early Season Grouchiness.

Well all the news series are well underway, so without further ado, lets see what’s happening! This week, we’ll be perusing:

  • The Pilot’s Love Song, Episode 2.
  • Witch Craft Works, Episode 2.
  • Strike the Blood, Episode 14.
  • Log Horizon, Episode 16.

The Pilot’s love Song, ep.2.

Okay, I know it’s only the second episode, but at the moment the plot of The Pilot’s Love Song is moving somewhat glacially. The writers decided that this week we were going to be introduced, in rather short order, to as much of the supporting cast of the anime as possible.  There was little to no forward movement of the overall storyline, other than some tantalising hints towards the end of Kal-El’s Mysterious Past©.  The show established last week that there is tension between the common and aristocratic classes of TPLS’s world, and reinforced that through the use of a stereotypically nasty nobleman in this weeks episode. We only really got a brief verbal sparring match between Kal-El and Fausto Fidel Melze.

Because presumably the name "Evildude McPuppykiller" was taken.
Because presumably the name “Evildude McPuppykiller” was taken.

I’ll admit, I’m being a little unforgiving here. The episode itself was fairly enjoyable, but I’m starting to get the start-of-season grouchies. I want to see what’s gonna happen! I’m being impatient, I know, but at the moment literally every anime I watch is doing this shit.

To be fair, its more of a testament that The Pilot’s Love Song has already got me hooked that I’m getting irritable. We’re two episodes in, and I’m already invested emotionally – enough that I don’t want to have to wait for next weeks episode. We got some hints at a blossoming romance between Claire and Kal El, and a bit of background to the world, so hopefully we’ll get a bit more plot movement in the near future.

Careful kids, you're heading to the... DANGER ZONE. #Archer
Careful kids, you’re heading to the… DANGER ZONE. #Archer

Witch Craft Works ep.2.

I’m not going to lie, I was drinking when I watched this episode, but I’m pretty sure that if I’d been sober I’d still have found it as entertaining. Now, some people will label this as a harem anime, because it has more than one female character, and because they’re stupid. It isn’t – or at least it isn’t at this point. I’d tentatively class it as a romance, but only because it hasn’t got very far in to it’s run yet.

The plot move along at a stately pace this week, barring the fact that we started off with a massive action scene between Kagari and the five Tower Witches who rocked up at the end of the last episode. Largely, we got a lot of scene setting and hints that there is more to protagonist Takamiya than meets the eye. Of course, hints to a hidden power Takamiya has wouldn’t be complete without the mandatory sexual innunendo.

Alrighty then.
Alrighty then.

We were mainly getting to know the supporting cast this week. Witch Craft Works is a twelve episode series, so they need to get all this stuff out of the way pretty early – but they did manage to throw out some entertaining action scenes in between us being introduced to Kagari’s mother, who also happens to be the leader of the local Witch’s Workshop. We didn’t get much continuation on the theme of Takamiya being envied by his fellows, but I suspect those jokes will be back with aplomb at some point.

Dear Mods: Kagari is OP. Please Nerf.
Dear Mods: Kagari is OP. Please Nerf.

Also, the ending sequence is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Seriously, give it a shot.

Strike the Blood, Ep.14.

Ah, body-swapping, where would we be without thee? At the end of last weeks episode we left Kujou having just woken up in the body of his childhood friend, Yuuma. Not in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter. Naturally, for the first five minutes of this episode that leads to misunderstandings, and Kujou having to convince Himeragi that its really him. This takes all of thirty seconds, thankfully, because Strike the Blood’s characters are, lets be honest, used to this sort of shit.

Himeragi’s reaction to the fact that the body-transferral took place through a kiss, however, is a little more extreme.


Being what it is, the body-swap is largely played for laughs in the first half of the episode, with the more dramatic reasons only really popping their head up in the last quarter of the show. Yuuma is apparently the daughter of a legendary witch who took Itogami to the cleaners once before. Yuuma has nicked Kujou’s body in order to steal his power and free her mother, and a showdown between all parties is fairly well imminent as the episode ends.

After last weeks slow-paced edition, it was good to have an episode that moved a bit more quickly. We got plenty of action sequences, a few more romantic hints and a little bit of toilet humour.


All in all, a good episode, and good setup for next weeks show.

Log Horizon, Ep.16.

After 15 episodes of maneuvering, Log Horizon finally seems to have properly found its feet. The introduction of the people of the land as more than just background characters has given the show a catalyst it simply didn’t have before, although the sudden revelation that the Adventurer’s deaths do actually have an effect on them feels a little forced after 15 episodes of being told otherwise.

Following on from last weeks ending, we opened with an attack by Fishmen, because that’s what happens. Must be Tuesday.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

The biggest problem I had with episode 16 is that it felt far too rushed. I’ve mentioned before that this show has had some pacing issues, but the script for what was clearly a transitional episode tried to pack so much in that a lot of the information went by in a blur. We had the Goblins and Fishmen mounting a massive attack, the trainees at their camp getting caught in the middle of it and trying to save a village, Shiro trying to coordinate the defence and Crusty’s budding romance with princess Lenessia AND Shiro revealing the consequences of each ‘death’ for the adventurers.

Whisky has the same effect on me.
Whisky has the same effect on me.

Despite these rather minor complaints, I’m looking forward to next weeks episode – hopefully it will have a bit more payoff.

Now, you may notice a few absentees in this weeks round-up, but rest assured, they’ll be back next week. That’s because I’m actually reviewing each anime as I watch them rather than all on the Sunday when I usually can’t bloody remember what happened in half of them. This allows me to put a bit more effort in, and get the reviews up on Saturday night, but does mean I have to concentrate a bit more on working to my deadline. The latest episodes of Nobunaga the fool and Wizard Barristers will be in next weeks roundup, but I won’t be reviewing Seitokai Yakuindomo, because there’s only so much commentary I can offer on dick jokes.

Until next week!



    1. Lol, generally if an anime doesn’t appear on here its because I don’t have it on Crunchyroll – and I’m far too lazy to download!


      1. Ahhh, that’s no good, that’s no good. You need to give it a try. Right now the only group working in it is [FFF], however, they’re a cut above the rest. Check out the OP and then tell me you’re too lazy.


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