Weekly Roundup – Wizard Law Is Odd.

Once More into the trenches of Anime we go, and this week I’m on holiday, so I can enjoy the episodes at my leisure. Onwards!

This week I’ve been mostly watching…

  • Wizard Barristers Episode 3
  • Nobunaga the Fool Episode 4
  • The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 4
  • Witch Craft Works Episode 4
  • Strike the Blood Episode 17
  • Log Horizon Episode 17

Wizard Barristers Ep.3.

I’ve come to a conclusion whilst watching Wizard Barristers: The magical world has a really shitty legal system. It seems that the death penalty is dispensed willy-nilly and the appeals process only seems to appear when the plot has space for it. Also, the supposedly secure handcuffs that restrain wizards during the court seem to be a bit shit, as they get broken twice throughout this episode alone.

We got a nice, self contained episode this week, with a story that gave us a bit of background for Cecil’s rather reticent colleague Hachi, a former prosecutor now turned barrister after his magic awoke during a previous case. We also got hints that there was a larger conspiracy at works behind events, and that Cecil has even more power than previously hinted at – because apparently being able to create a four storey tall mecha out of metal isn’t enough.

Little known fact: Magic kung-fu kicks are accepted legal practice in Japan.
Little known fact: Magic kung-fu kicks are accepted legal practice in Japan.

All in all, a good episode, and I look forward to next weeks.

Nobunaga the Fool. Ep.4

So… After last weeks episode I was feeling less than charitable towards Nobunaga the Fool. Some suprisingly boring Mech fights and a distinctly unlikeable male lead were putting me off in a big way, but I’m willing to give it a bit more time.  At the moment, my main issue is that its just all a bit dull.

This week we had Nobu having a betrothal ceremony with Queen Himiko of Yamatai. This is in exchange for the help she gave him last week by powering up his mecha with magical lightning and shit. Her original intention at the start of the episode was to get hitched then and there, but instead Leonardo Da Vinci puts together an extravagant betrothal ceremony to keep them Nobu unattached for now.

Welcome to Disneyland: Owari.

I’m still unsure about this show. Whilst I felt last weeks episode suffered from  a poor script, this weeks just seems to struggle with a lack of charm. Given what its up against in Witch Craft Works and The Pilot’s Love Song, I’m hoping that it develops something to keep me interested sooner rather than later.

The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.4.

Well, this episode was mostly talking after Claire and Kal-El crash land in the ocean, and after all of that HOLY SHIT THAT’S A PLOT TWIST.

This was a very dialogue heavy episode, with lots of exploration of the backstory between Kal-El and his adopted sister Ariel. And as you may have gathered, we got a twist at the end that threw a whole new spanner in the works – and will ensure that the path of true love doesn’t run smoothly.

Honestly, it’s hard to say much more about this episode. It was a lovely piece of storytelling, and it advanced the plot, but in the scheme of things not much actually happened. I can’t even really take a screencap, because most of it is the characters just sitting around not doing much.

To next week and beyond then!

Witch Craft Works Ep.4.

Do you want to see a giant mechanical rabbit being clotheslined by at 5-storey tall teddy bear? Because I sure do! And where else can you find such immense pleasure than in Witch Craft Works?


I may have mentioned this once, twice or thrice, but I really love this anime. It has a quirkiness and charm that has really captured my attention, and the fun levels just keep going. Most of this week was taken up by a giant battle between the previously mentioned Giant rabbit and Teddy bear, but the other big hit of the week is that Takamiya’s little sister is also a witch, with the job of protecting him on weekends – supposedly that being the time when Kagami can’t.

Because apparently the poor sod doesn't have enough problems.
Because apparently the poor sod doesn’t have enough problems.

Whilst the overall story didn’t progress much, the episode itself was good fun, with entertaining action and some entertaining comedy moments. The five tower witches are good entertainment in the roles of both comic relief and occasional antagonists, and the dynamic between the ‘good’ characters will hopefully pick up after this new revelation. We’re a third of the way into the series at this point, so I expect we’ll get some more overall plot movement soon.

Strike the Blood Ep.16.

Leading on from last weeks cliffhanger and the apparent death of Kujou’s teacher, Natsuki, this weeks edition of Strike the Blood spent most of it’s time setting the scene, and setting up the fact that Kujou has a gaping hole in his chest.

Other problems for our favourite vampire of the moment include the fact that the magical prison on the island was compromised by Natsuki’s apparent demise with six of the most dangerous magical criminal’s escaping, including Yuuma’s mother. Perhaps the most entertaining new addition to the cast, however, is Kujou’s mother – a magical physician and pervert.

Somewhere, an otaku is trying this line to see if it works.
Somewhere, an otaku is trying this line to see if it works.

Regretfully, this episode did suffer for being the start of a kinda-new arc, with a lot of setup for the upcoming episodes and less focus on continuing all the good work they did over the last three. That said there’s a lot of good stuff going on and I’m looking forward to next weeks continuation.

And no, of course Natsuki isn’t really dead. This is a vampire anime, nothing stays dead in those.

Log Horizon Ep.17.

Another rather talkative episode here, but I can forgive Log Horizon just about anything at this point because it’s such good fun. If Sword Art Online is the action movie of this genre, then Log Horizon is the political thriller. These week, we had princess Lenessia giving an impassioned speech to the adventurers and appealing for their help to repel the goblin invasion that threatens the People of the Land. After three episodes or so of building to this point, I’m hoping that the inevitable battle over the next few shows is truly epic. The little foray into the politics of this new world has been interesting, but it’s taken perhaps two episodes too long to come to fruition.

But hey, Man With a Mission were watching the speech as well!
But hey, Man With a Mission were watching the speech as well!

There isn’t really too much more to add about this episode – Log Horizon has been all about the slow build for quite some time now, and this episode was not different. Everything seems to be in place now, though. One small niggle I’ve had recently is that the show seems to be drifting away from it’s core characters a bit, but there seemed to be a little more time spent with Shiroe and Akatsuki this episode, so hopefully we’ll get back to seeing more of them soon as well.!

Until next time!


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