Weekly Round-Up: Dropping it like its hot.

Well, we’re back again fro another week folks. For all three people who read this, I’m sure thats absolutely thrilling. Let’s crack on, shall we?

This weeks ponderences are on:

  • Wizard Barristers Episode 4
  • Nobunaga the fool Episode 5
  • The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 5
  • Witch Craft Works Episode 5
  • Strike the Blood Episode 16
  • Log Horizon Episode 19


Wizard Barristers Ep.4.

Wow. Just when I think I’ve got this series pinned down, it throws a curveball like this episode. Okay, I know that criminals are rarely going to be the classiest bad guys in the anime pantheon, but this weeks baddy, Shimizu Tsukuji took things to Hannibal Lecter levels of creepy. Tsukuji, a serial killer who has murdered fifteen wizards, is due to go for trial and his brother hires the Butterfly law firm to defend him with a plea of reduced responsibility due to supposed dissociative identity disorder.

Okay, it doesn’t sound like anything special written down there, but writing it in that description doesn’t illustrate just how creepy Tsukuji is.

Thanks for reaching straight into my nightmares there, dude.
Thanks for reaching straight into my nightmares there, dude.

The moment after he’s had his sentence converted to life imprisonment and surreptitiously reveals that he’s been faking sent a genuine chill up my spine. It’s a pity that the episode began to fall apart a bit after that as they chose to make Tsukoji and his brother into members of the overarching conspiracy aimed at Cecil. In a way, it actually devalued the character they’d given them through the rest of the episode and just made them into one-note baddies of the week. Other than that, the episode was excellent, and more dark turns like this one would be excellent going forward.


Nobunaga the Fool Ep.5.

Okay, I’m done. I’ve tried to like this series, but at this point it is literally doing nothing for me. I’m just finding it, more than anything, exceptionally bloody dull. Not even the arrival of a pretty-boy phantom of the opera wannabe Julius Caesar could recapture my interest.

Julius Ceasar, everybody.
Julius Caesar, everybody.

So… yeah. Uninteresting characters, dull action sequences and a complete lack of any emotional empathy for the characters has put me in a position where I have no further interest in watching this show. I may come back to it once the run has finished and see if its a bit more entertaining as a marathon, but right now I simply can’t be arsed.

The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.5.

Ah, romance, what a cruel bastard you are – especially the anime variant. This week on The Pilot’s Love Song, we were treated to a little bit of advancement in the romance between Kal-El and Claire and more importantly we got the backstory behind Claire’s mysterious ability to control the wind and the events that led her to become Nina Viento – who you may remember is the person Kal-El/Karl holds responsible for the deaths of his family.

No, this isn’t going to get awkward at all. It doesn’t hep that Claire, in a frankly astonishing display of perception for an anime character, is cottoning onto Kal-El’s true identity. The main upshot of this being that they spent half the episode being awkward with each other. Following a bit of dogfight-training bonding, however, things got back to something close to normal.

Nothing says romance like planes and guns.
Nothing says romance like planes and guns.

We did get a very slight sojourn to focus on Ari and Ignacio’s for about five minutes in the middle, but it’s clear that the writers are very focussed on our two leads at this point.

I have to concede that whilst I’m enjoying this show, I still don’t know where its going. It is very very measured in its pace  – and that’s a nice way of  saying it’s slow as hell. I would prefer to see more plot movement and a bit more characterisation on some of the characters other than Kal-el and Claire, but in the meantime it at least has sympathetic characters and a lovely setting.

Witch Craft Works Ep.5

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Witch Craft Works has firmly ensconced itself as one of my favourite anime in the current crop. I’m eagerly looking forward to it every week because it’s just so damn entertaining.

This week, we had a close encounter with Medusa, and a bit more movement in the relationship between Kagari and Takamiya. More importantly, we finally got to see Takamiya’s ‘White Stuff.’


Actually, as it turns out, the white stuff is actually a magical entity named Evermillion, who assists the pair in defeating Medusa. Because that’s what they do.

'You'll need some kind of ointment for that, dude.'
‘You’ll need some kind of ointment for that, dude.’

This was one of those weird episodes that, despite being fun in it’s own right, left me with more questions than answers. We’re nearly halfway through the series at this point, but it isn’t actually giving us much in the way of answers, and there’s only so many episodes left. I imagine we’ll start to see a bit more of Evermillion soon.

Strike the Blood Ep.16.

Well, after a quietish episode last week, this week it was wall to wall action in STB, with magic prisoners, Vampires and everyone in between facing off in battle. We’ve now established that the little girl whose been clinging to Asagi since last week is in fact the recently stabbed Natsuki who managed to teleport away at the cost of her memories and power. Now, all the prisoners are searching for her in order to finish the job and free themselves completely.

Also, Kujou shows off his mad BMX Skillz.
Also, Kujou shows off his mad BMX Skillz.

It’s not often I describe an episode of an anime as thrilling, but this had just the right balance of chase scenes and action to make it compelling viewing, and I can;t wait to see where it goes next week.

Log Horizon Ep.19

Another change of pace here, with the action finally getting underway after what seems like a month of talking and buildup. I’m pleased to say that it didn’t disappoint. Whilst Log Horizon’s action scenes have never been its strong point, but its hard to have an epic battle against thousands of goblins without just a bit of action.

Pictured: Overkill.
Pictured: Overkill.

We only briefly checked in with Shiroe in this episode, and mainly we moved back to focus on the younger players who have been defending the People of the Land’s villages on the wars second front. Outnumbered and outgunned, the fight against the fish monsters was one of the highlights of this episode, with a genuine sense of desperation to it. The end of the episode, with Rudy being revealed as one of the People of the Land and sacrificing himself to save his friends came as a bit of a shock. There’s some promise of miraculous recoveries being made next week, but as a cliffhanger it was certainly efficient.

I’m going to predict right now that this show gets a second season. The light novel series has continued way beyond this point, and it’s popularity is good enough to justify it. With only six episodes left of this run, I’m certainly hoping for more in the near future.

Until Next time – or until I can be bothered to write something during the week as well!


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