The laziest weekly roundup… In the world.

Yeah, don’t expect much this week. I had family up to visit, so this week I’m being lazy and you’re getting my patented short reviews.

Wizard Barristers Ep.5.

A bit of an inconsistent episode here, as Cecil and the elderly wizard barrister in the firm try to unravel the murder of a bowling alley manager – a murder allegedly committed by one of their rival barristers. This one was a bit of a misfire, with an emphasis on comedy that failed to build on last weeks excellent showing.Not bad, per se, but a little bit of a letdown.

The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.6

They made noodles. That was pretty much the summation of this episode. It was a little oasis of comedy in the middle of the show’s recent drama, but I suspect that things will be heating up in episode seven with the cadets being sent out to scout for enemy forces.

Witch Craft Works Ep.6

Surprisingly, this weeks episode was a little bit of a disappointment. Kagari summarily made Takamiya the head of the student council for literally no apparent reason, and Takamiya’s sister attempted to kidnap him. A slight misfire, as Kagari’s actions just mildly irritated my throughout this ep, so hopefully it’ll be back up to speed next week.

Strike the Blood Ep.17

A good action packed episode that seems to be building nicely towards the climax of this arc – especially with the twist at the end, where it turned out Himeragi and not Natsuki is the bad guy’s target. Despite it supposedly being two arcs, what we’ve really had is one long seven-episode story that should finish with a bang next week.

Log Horizon Ep.20

Log Horizon, quite nicely, returned it’s focus to the main characters this week, with Shiroe dashing towards the town his young proteges had been defending in order to save the life of Rudy. This episode also marked the end of the frankly overlong people of the land arc, and did it with enough style and tension to close it off nicely. The main problem with the battle scenes is that the adventurers have been so high powered that we’re just seeing them batter the goblin attackers. But, we’re back to the characters next week, so that should be a good way to plough into the last quintet of episodes.


You know what else you’ll get next week? A proper entry. Now away with ye!


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