Weekly Roundup – THE FEELS.

Well, after my minimal entry last week, this week you’ll get something resembling a proper roundup.

Wizard Barristers Ep.6

Well, this week was… odd. I’ve got a feeling that Wizard Barristers will pick up as a show once they’ve gotten past all the episodes where they’re introducing us to each and every one of Cecil’s co-workers and their little quirks. The latest of these is Sori, one of her colleagues whose obsessed with a power rangers alike show, and wants Cecil to cosplay with her. Because why not.

There is nothing I can say that will make this less weird for any of us.
There is nothing I can say that will make this less weird for any of us.

Cecil and a group of schoolkids are also taken hostage by a crazy group of wizards who want to take over the world. They’re largely unimportant, but what we did discover is that one of the police detectives we’ve seen is quite happy to allow innocent civilians and schoolchildren to be caught in the crossfire between terrorists and a SWAT team, and the other appears to be the driving force behind the conspiracy aimed at Cecil, thus taking police incompetence to a whole new level.

Overall, this was a good action packed episode that moved the overarching plot forward whilst still managing to be good fun. We’ll see if it can continue to build on this next week,

The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.7


Okay, so we all knew that the characters couldn’t come through every episode unscathed, but man, the way they kill Mitty in this episode was harsh as hell. He’s essentially been a background characters for the last six episodes, and in his final appearance he heroically sacrifices himself to save not only the girl he loves, but the entirety of Isla from a devastating bombing run by their enemies.

A hint: This doesn't end well.
A hint: This doesn’t end well.

This was a very strongly written episode that put you in the position of caring about characters who – up until now – have had minimal focus on them. The show continues to go from strength to strength, so I’m looking forward to next weeks entry!

Witch Craft Works Ep.7

After last weeks slightly underwhelming episode, this week we got back on form with Witch Craft Works, with Kagari facing off against her mother after thinking she’d discovered that Takami had broken one of the seals that binds Evermillion. There were some pretty epic fight scenes, and we also discovered that Kagari gains a power boost from doing things she finds romantic with Takami.

And that she has some strange kinks.
And that she has some strange kinks.

All in all, a good episode, and the preview for next weeks looks good as well. Can’t wait!

Strike the Blood Ep.19.

Yeah, I know I’ve been screwing up the episode numbers. So sue me. To be honest, after six episodes of buildup, the climax of this arc felt a bit… lacking. All of the loose ends were tied off rather neatly – apart from the perpetual question of Himeragi and Kujou’s relationship – and the actions scenes were…okay. I don’t know, it just seems like all the buildup was rather casually put to the side in order to use the catchphrases that have been developed throughout the show.

This is possibly one of the best lines ever.
This is possibly one of the best lines ever.

It wasn’t a bad episode as such, it’s more that the previous episodes were so good that this one felt ever so slightly anticlimactic. It might have always turned out that way, to be fair, but whilst it was enjoyable, it was also a tad disappointing. The post credits coda, however, was awesome.

Log Horizon, Ep.21

Now this, this right here, was an immensely satisfying episode. If this show doesn’t get at least one more series, I’ll be very surprised, but they’re certainly moving on with the plot this week. The entirity of this weeks show took place at a celebratory ball for the adventurers to thank them for their efforts against the goblins, and we saw plenty of relationships being played out, mainly between Akatsuki and Shiroe and Lenessia and Crusty.

I am shipping these two in an appallingly big way.
I am shipping these two in an appallingly big way.

I love this kind of post-action episode that deals with the fallout of a major story arc. I’m far more interested in the characters of this anime than I am in the action scenes, so this was nectar to me. I get the feeling there’s a lot more plot to come, but there aren’t many episodes left in this series.  I’m hoping for big things, Log Horizon. Do not disappoint me.

Until next time then!


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