Weekly Round Up – A trimmed cast.

The weeks continue to turn, and the series continue their inevitable trot through their episodes. I, however, am having a lazy week, and can’t be bothered taking screen-caps, so you’re getting a text only round-up this week!


Wizard Barristers Ep.7

Finally, seven long episodes into this series, we get some character development for Natsuna, presumably to prove that she isn’t carved wholly out of obnoxiousbitchinite. The whole office is sent off to America for training, and as a result, Cecil and Natsuna are sent on a road trip to Canada to see Cecil’s family. Finally, we find out why Natsuna has been dashing off after work every day – in order to gaze at the married professor she has her eyes on – and Natsuna finds out the motivation behind Cecil becoming the youngest wizard barrister. All in all, this was an excellent episode that finally built on the solid foundations that the series has been laying. 

The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.8

Well, holy shit. Did someone neglect to budget for voice actors outside the main cast or something on this show? This weeks episode featured a truly epic battle, and some little connecting hints to The Princess and the Pilot that made the fanboy in me squeal in delight. Other than that,not much happened other than them KILLING ALL OF THE STUDENTS. Even Fausto got aced by machinegun fire, before Kal-El and Ariel had to make a mad dash for safety, only to be saved by a fighter from the Levamme empire. Seriously, if it turns out to be Charles Karino, I’ll fanboy all over the place. A hell of an episode, but rather harrowing to watch.

Witch Craft Works Ep.8

This weeks episode of Witch Craft Works started very brightly, but then descended into it’s normal highjinks – which was actually a little disappointing. The first half of the episode was a flashback to Kagari’s middle school days, where she searched far and wide to find Takami, even before they crossed paths in high school. The second half of the show dealt with a bunch of delinquents challenging Takami’s new role as head of the student council, and their battle to regain control of the school. To be honest, I felt a bit let down – the episode really could have done with more focus on Kagari’s background and less on the shenanigans.

Strike the Blood Ep.20

A new arc began this week, and we were introduced to STB’s version of alchemists, and found out that they’re after one of the many ladies currently hanging around with Kujou. On top of that Himeragi has been signed off her usual job as Kujou’s observer in order to go on a trip to the mainland with her schoolfriends. Like most of the arc openers in Strike the blood, this one was all about buildup, however a sudden attack that looked pretty damn lethal on Aiba at the end of the show left us on a good cliffhanger, and I look forward to next weeks edition.

Log Horizon Ep.22

Like last week, this weeks episode of Log Horizon was exactly the sort of thing I like. A character-driven edition that focussed on a couple of the main cast without splitting everything off into multiple storylines. The main driving force behind this week was the fact that both Akatsuki and Minori are harbouring crushes on Shiroe, and both decide to take him on a sorta-date to the festival. To the same place. At the same time. At the moment, its one of those situations where I feel for Minori, but I’ve been rooting for Akatsuki for quite some time – and of course, Shiroe is impossible dense about the whole thing. It was a good episode, and very enjoyable. 

Until next week!


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