(Ever-so-Slightly) Late weekly roundup!

Well, I need to do this before I can start watching this weeks anime eps, and I was away over the weekend, so its time to get on with the roundup!


Wizard Barristers Ep.8

The sad thing about Wizard Barristers is that the story is at its weakest when its focusing on Cecil as the main character. She’s being consistantly outshone by the supporting cast – all of whom are far more interesting – and despite the backstory of wanting to save her mother from death row she just doesn’t seem to have the hook that should compel me to care. This has especially been a problem over the last two episodes because they’ve focused almost entirely on her backstory.

Giant magical robots are still cool though.
Giant magical robots are still cool though.

The slow thawing of Natsuna’s antagonism towards her was nice, but the big conspiracy surrounding Cecil hasn’t really kicked my interest. Visually, the show is still eceptional, but I’m starting to feel that it would be more entertaining if they focused on the actual law-barrister side of it rather than finding rather contrived ways to get the characters into action sequences. I’m far enough in that I’ll see it through to the end, but it isn’t one I’d rewatch.

The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.9

Well, this one was an emotional roller-coaster from end to end. We started off with a funeral being held for all the student pilots who were killed in the last episode, with the clearly emotionally damaged survivors looking for some way to find solace. Chiharu is traumatised, Ari is wounded, the rest are grieving, and Claire and Ignacio have left the academy. The first half of the episode capped off with Kal-el meeting Claire at the monument for their fallen comrade, confessing his lover for her, and them sharing their first kiss.

It goes rather wrong from this point onwards.
It goes rather wrong from this point onwards.

All too soon, however, the roller-coaster dipped again as Claire admitted that she’d realised who Kal-El really was, and deciding to stay away from him – swiftly followed by him realising that she is Nina Viento, the girl he blames for the death of his family. It was a complete emotional sucker punch, with Claire then retreating into her role as Nina and Kal sinking himself into despair and hiding in his room. The cliffhanger ending was enough for me to – rather vocally – state my frustration at the TV, and that’s always a sign of good storytelling. So far this series has played a blinder, and I’m looking forward to whatever it throws at me next.

Witch Craft Works Ep.9

We’re approaching the final run-in for Witch Craft Works  now, and the story is rearing it’s head once more, with a concerted attack by the tower witches on the city in order to take Kagari’s mother out of commission so that they can walk in and take Takamiya easily. The other side of the episode was Kagari finally realising how much Takamiya want’s to help her and beginning training him to fight, leading to him making possibly the single most awesome magical summon in the world ever.


With only a few episodes left, this episode felt very much like the beginning of the end. I’m gonna be sad when it finishes, but this anime – and that ED – will stick in my head for a long time.

Strike the Blood Ep.21

As this season of Strike The Blood begins to draw to a close, I’m more convinced than ever that there will be at least one more. They’re nowhere near to finishing the story between these characters, and with so much potential fun to be had I can’t see them not carrying on after this first 24-episode run. Truly, it’s been one of the most entertaining anime I’ve seen in  along time, with plenty of emotional hook and some good villains. Currently, we’re dealing with a supernatural liquid-metal enemy that seems intent on doing…something.


It’s not really clear yet. But with Asagi possessed by another liquid metal character that saved her life and an unarmed Himeragi away from the island, its up to Kujou to figure out what’s happening. a good mid-arc episode.

Log Horizon Ep.23

Wierdly, despite being in it’s last few episodes, Log horizon seems to be building towards another major plotline, and if this series ends on a cliffhanger I may actually go on a rampage. With the scale festival in full swing, both Minori and Akatsuki are trying in their own ways to get Shiro’s attention, and strange occurences and attitudes are appearing amongst the people of the land.

Screw up, and Nyanta will kill you an everyone you love.
Screw up, and Nyanta will kill you an everyone you love.

The Log Horizon guild begins to stumble upon a conspiracy against Akihabara as the episode closes, but with only to episodes left I’ve got a big feeling that we’re going to end on a cliffhanger for a second season. And even if we do, I’ll be happy, because this is a show I can see running and running. With a compelling ensemble cast and an excellent setting, I’d be glad to see it continue for a long time.

Until next time.



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