A weekly round up… OF DOOM.

Not really. There is no doom here.

…Moving on.

Wizard Barristers Ep.9.

Last week I mentioned that Wizard Barristers is at it’s least interesting when focusing on the conspiracy surrounding Cecil and her abilities. So now, when we’re in the run-in to the end of the show, we’re getting more episodes doing just that. That being said, this wasn’t an unenjoyable episode, as I got the impression the writers were enjoying the opportunity to stretch their legs. The revelation of the conspiracy was a little too quick for my liking, and its rather hard not to have some level of sympathy with the conspirators, who seem to want to end the prejudice against Wizards. It’s hard not to feel that they’re not that bad, really.

Apart from trying to summon Satan.
Apart from the fact that they’re trying to summon Satan.

The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.10.

As this episode started, we were finally treated to some character development for Ignacio, who proceeded to beat ten shades of shit out of Kal-El both physically and verbally. We’ve not really seen much of Ignacio’s backstory thus far, so finding out that he has a rather personal reason to dislike Kal-El was a good move at this stage in the story. As it turns out, he’s actually Kal-El’s half brother, the son of one of his father’s concubines, who was turned out onto the street just before the revolution.

Like a government mule.
Like a government mule.


In the meantime, Claire, in her persona as NinaViento, is aboard Isla’s warship as they go to face the sky clans once more. The students are ordered to scramble as escorts for the gunnery observer plane,but after their recent casualties their teachers refuse to send them up to die. Two planes scramble, with Kal and Ignacio as one pair. The combat sequences that followed were pretty intense, although there is a bit of story-armour going on. Looking forward to next weeks!

Witch Craft Works Ep.10.

Well, it’s al kicking off here. The town has been reduced to rubble, the workshop witches have been stripped of their power, and several of them have been rigged with explosives by the villainous – yet stupidly named – Weekend. With this being the middle of a full on arc, we were treated to some fairly serious story development, with Takamiya having to take on the burden of protecting the town temporarily so that his comrades can use their magic. We’re building to something fairly serious here with Takamiya expending his own life force to try and save people while Kagari tries to protect him.

With headbutts.
With headbutts.

Strike the Blood Ep.22.

We got the end of the Alchemists arc here, with all the usual shenanigans we’ve come to expect of Strike the Blood. This was an action packed episode with bits of fanservice. Business as usual then.


As we’ve previously established, there is a certain rythym to the arcs of Strike the blood, and this one was no different, despite being compressed into three episodes rather than four. With the series having storylines that continue well beyond it’s 24-episode run, I’m pretty sure that we’ll be seeing a second series sooner rather than later. Especially given that we’re finally seeing some relationship development between Himeragi and Kujou.

And about time too.
And about time too.

With some tantalising hints in the preview of where it’ll go next week, we’ll see what happens!

Log Horizon Ep.24

Another show on its final run-in, and one that has now had it’s second season pretty much confirmed, Log Horizon continues to go from strength to strength with a battle of wits being set up between Shiroe and People of the Land Aristocrat and professional creepy bastard Lord Marves.

Who has apparently been dredged directly from my nightmares.
Who has apparently been dredged directly from my nightmares.

This was a good fun episode, especially watching Shiroe working to counteract all of Marves’ plans to sow chaos in Akihabara, and when he turns up at the end to face his adversary directly, it’s one of those great moments of buildup that just plays out perfectly, escpecially as the music cue for the ED starts to play to a perfect cliffhanger.


Cannot wait.

Until next week!



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