A lightning fast roundup.

Stuff has been happening, so its a quick roundup this week.

Wizard Barristers Ep.10.

After spending so long introducing us to all of its cast, Wizard Barristers has put itself into the annoying position of having to rush through its endgame. The conspiracy is rapidly coming to a head, although not all of the players are in position. A very transitory episode, but one that filled it’s purpose.

The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.11.

It’s a pity that I don’t have the will to do a full entry this week because this was literally the episode I’ve been waiting for. We got tons of action, dogfighting, romance, magic and epic battles. A must watch episode, from a fantastic series.

Witch Craft Works Ep.11

This penultimate episode had a massive amount of Kagari kicking ten shades out of Weekend. I’ve got a feeling that there may be a second series coming for this show, but we shall see. There’s still plenty of story to tell.

Strike the Blood Ep.23.

The start of a new, although presumably shorter arc, we encountered a girl who looked strangely like Himeragi but referred to all the characters as if she knew them in a different way. Himeragi’s lance got shattered, and she got recalled to her home base. We shall see where this goes, as there aren’t many episodes left.

Log Horizon Ep.25

This episode was… odd. Not bad, per se, but odd. SO much of it felt like setup for the second season thats coming in the autumn that it didn’t really close off the stories it was already telling. I look forward to see whats coming next, but this could have been so much more.

Right, I’m going back to playing titanfall.


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