Well, the winter season is steadily wrapping up, with anime simulcasts dropping like flies all over the damn place, so time to run into the last few weeks of Winter 2013’s anime fun.


Wizard Barristers Ep.11 Wizard Barristers went to it’s penultimate episode promising much, but ultimately failing to deliver. Whilst visually excellent, the show has been scattershot at best, spending too long on one off weekly stories and half-arsing the overall plot, which now feels rushed almost to the point of insensibility. In this weeks episode, Cecil faced off with the cult of Macal, who are trying to summon Lucifer to make them the rulers of the world and shit.

I... would disagree.
I… would disagree.


The final battle between Macal’s leader and Cecil was pretty good, but we’ll have to wait for next weeks episode to see if the dangling plotline are resolved. Ultimately dissatisfying.


The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.12 Well, Isla has finally reached it’s destination at the end of sky, but the story isn’t over yet. Claire is being taken away by the sky clan to be their new leader due to her power of controlling the wind, but with Kal promising to follow her and bring her back.

"At some point! When the plot allows it! Eventually!
“At some point! When the plot allows it! Eventually!”

This episode was rather quiet after the out and out action of last weeks episode, but I’ve got a feeling that the finale will resolve a lot of the plot. I can’t see there being a second series of this one, but I would love there to be.


Witch Craft Works Ep.12 Well, the end of Witch Craft Works finally rolled around with an action packed episode that didn’t really answer any of the series burning questions. On some ways, that okay, because it was a whole load of fun, but in other ways I really want more of the series!


Thankfully the manga is still ongoing, so hopefully we’ll get more in future, with an OVA already scheduled for January.


Strike the Blood Ep.24 Strike The Blood, in its final episode, has all the earmarks of a series thats getting a second season. We had dangling romantic elements, plot hints and cliffhangers galore, and the appearance of a time travelling future daughter of Yukina and Kujou. Whilst nothing has been confirmed yet, I’d be more surprised if STB didn’t get picked up for a followup than if it did, as it has all the elements to be a popular ongoing show.


This episode was pretty much my favourite type, where the action took a bit of a backseat to the character development. There was a token evil demon baddie who got dealt with rather effectively and all was right with the world. Hope for more!


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