That Was the Season that was… (Winter 2013 Anime Round-up.)

With it’s final two episodes, my Anime watching for winter 2013 drew to a close, so, before I plunge on to Spring 2014’s offerings, let’s finish up with the final episodes of Wizard Barristers and The Pilot’s Love Song.


Wizard Barristers Ep. 12.

Well, After last weeks action based episode, Wizard Barristers attempted to have a more cerebral end to it’s run, and – unfortunately – failed utterly. The biggest problem is that after spending seven or so episodes introducing us to every bloody character in Cecil’s office, there was almost not time left in this relatively short series to actually tell the rest of the story. In the finale, Cecil and her comrades are called upon to defend the wizard boss who tried to use Cecil to summon Lucifer in episode eleven. Said Wizard Boss then tries to frame Cecil for the death of his son, in an incredibly lazy way. This is resolved almost immediately by a massively lazy plot device and the series draws to a complete anticlimax.

At the end of it all, Wizard Barristers wasn’t bad, merely rather mediocre. And to be honest, that may even be worse.


The Pilot’s Love Song Ep.13.

The Pilot’s Love Song Rapidly became one of my favourite shows of the Winter 2013 season, and the finale didn’t disappoint. We had action, Romance, unrequited love, and Kal setting off to reclaim Claire from the Sky Clan and bring his lost love home. Honestly, there isn’t much more I can say without regressing into pure hyperbole, but I loved every second of it. It had my wife in tears, and me wishing that there would be a second series. The show finished on a pseudo cliffhanger, but I suspects its one that won’t get resolved. Ultimately satisfying, utterly enthralling, a genuinely good steampunk fantasy series.


Tune in later this week for my first roundup of the Spring 2014 season! until then, goodbye.


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