Opening Moves: My top five anime OPs of Winter 2013.

A good OP is something that should make you want to watch the anime it accompanies, and Winter 2013 had a batch of stellar opening sequences that kept us eyeing up their meaty episodic content.

When looking for my favourite OPs, I don’t just look at the music. Visually, the sequence that accompanies it has to either excite me or appeal to me on artistic merit. FOr good examples of the type of sequences I like, shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion  got my attention with their action openings, but the haunting, Gustav Klimt inspired opening of Elfen Lied has stuck in my mind for about ten years.

So, without further faffing around, here’s my own, personal top five OP’s of the Winter 2013 Anime.


5: Wizard Barristers: Lia – Justitia

By the end of it’s run there wasn’t an awful lot I was concerned about when it came to Wizard Barristers, but one thing I did quite enjoy was it’s OP. It wasn’t particularly special, but it did have a nice beat that complimented the action on screen. To be honest, by the end of the season, the OP was managing to be more interesting than most of the episodes.


4: Log Horizon: Man with a Mission – Database.

Any song that can have my wife bopping along to it is always going to be an interesting one in my book, and in Man With a Mission’s Database, the creators of Log Horizon’s OP sequence found a song that fits both the overall tone of the anime and the OP sequence itself.

The thing I love about this OP is the way it manages to highlight almost all the major events of the series into one 90-second package.


3: Seitokai Yakuindomo 2: Triple Play – Saikyou Legend Days 

It’s hard to find a song that matches a dick ‘n’ sex joke anime as well as this one, as the sheer irony of the constantly innuendoing duo of Shiro and Ania declaring their dedication to being “Well Cultured, Noble, Pure and Innocent” threatens to collapse the universe in upon itself. It also has a nicely upbeat tune and a madcap visual to match.


2: The Pilot’s Love Song: Petit Milady – Azurite

I will admit, I ummed and ahhed about this one. I love this series a hell of a lot, and I wondered if that was colouring it’s placing on this list, but at this point I have to concede that both the song and the sequence have been one of the things I truly like about it. The emotional highs and lows this series gave are even more poignant in retrospect, especially seeing all the characters who fell throughout the course of the series. It isn’t the best sequence, but the emotional attachment it generates for me puts it high on this list.


1: Silver Spoon 2: Fujifabric – Life.

I didn’t review it, but when it comes to Silver Spoon I’m now at the point where I’ve watched every episode religiously, read up to date on the manga, and I’m so in love with this series that its not even funny Fujifabric’s bouncy number perfectly fits the optimistic tone of the show,with little hints at the tentative romance between Mikage and Hachiken, cameo’s from the farm school’s wildlife stars and setting up the slice of life. Both the first season and this second edition of the anime have had an excellent run of form when it comes to theme music, and I hope it continues when the inevitable season three comes along.

Sorry for the onedrive video, but youtube has nerfed all the ones on it’s site. Hopefully it’ll work okay.

SO, what do you think? Any other ones you likes? Any you disagree with? Feel free to comment – and don’t forget to come back Thursday for the counterpart Best ED list, and if you’re really interested, come back tomorrow for a preview of my new light novel, On Silver Tides.


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