Final Gambits – Top five Anime EDs of Winter 2013

I promised a second list, so here it be! I will say up front – this list was a lot harder to compile than the first one. There were several good OPs of winter 2013 but there were absolutely TONS of great EDs!

without further Hyperbole, I present Occasionally Angry Ranting’s top five Anime EDs of winter 2013!


5: Magical Warfare: Nano – Born To Be.

With music from Nano, the same artist behind the awesome op to autumn’s Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Savior of song, Magical Warfare’s ED is a nice blend of rock with a largely monochromatic ending sequence featuring the show’s two female leads Mui and Kurumi. I love this sequence to death, and it blends so well with the music it’s almost sublime. The fact that Nano is one of the few Japanese artists I know who can actually sing their English lyrical sections coherently is also an upside.


4: The Pilot’s Love Song: Akai Koen – Kaze ga Shitteru

Whilst the OP for Pilot’s love Song had a couple of discordant moments, the ED is a brilliant sequence, juxtaposing the music with simplistic images that seem to be based around shadow theatre. Akai Koen’s voice gives a kind of lament to the main characters woes, and the right-to-left movement theme in the sequence gives a consistance to the whole ED.


3: Seitokai Yakuindomo 2: Satomi Satou – Mirai Night

Okay, the number three spot was a toss up between this and Silver Spoon 2’s ED Oto no naru hou e, but much as I love Goose House’s song, I prefer the sequence here, especially the flip-book part. It makes me happy. Also I can’t find a video for the SIlver sppon ED anywhere. Damn copyright nerfs.


2: Witch Craft Works: KMM Dan – Witch Activity.

This came so, so close to being my number one. I’ve not made any secret of how much I love Witch Craft Works, and this ED runs through my head for days. The strangely cute scenes of torture and the bouncy tune are just epic.


1: Strike the Blood: Kanon Wakeshima – Signal.

This pipped WCW to the post for one simple reason: whilst the song used for Strike the Blood’s second ED was lovely, this visual sequence is absolutely GOREGEOUS. Simple, refined and focussing on the love between the two main characters, it surpassed the first ED, Strike My Soul, in just about every aspect. Given that the second half of Strike the Blood’s OP was godawful the fact I adore this sequence so much should tell you a hell of a lot.



Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my first roundup of Spring 2014!


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