Lazy roundup.

I’ve been a bit distracted this week, so you get two-line recaps sans screenshots. ‘Tever.


The World is still beautiful Ep.2

A good, strong followup to week one, marred slightly by the parts where Nike sings in Engrish to summon the rain. The relationship between Nike and the child-king Livius has the potential to be very entertaining, and the fact that she takes an arrow for him through the course of the episode gives me hope that this one will run well as a good fantasy story.


Blade and Soul Ep.2

I am… unconvinced. Visually, Blade and Soul is excellent, with combat sequences to die for. Story-wise? …Meh. The six minutes of so of bullet-dodging sword swinging action at the end of the episode couldn’t make up for the fact that the rest of the show didn’t really count for much, and that main character Alka has precisely zero personality. We shall see, as the minute we have an episode that doesn’t have a decent supporting cast, this anime will be duller than a dust sandwich.


Kamigami no Asobi Ep.2

Speaking of characters with zero personality, it amazes me that the creators of this show have managed to turn the most diverse cast of gods drawn from some of the greatest pantheon’s in all of the world’s mythology into bland pretty-boy douchenozzles. At this point, the only thing worth watching this anime for is main character Yui Kasanagi, who is a decently strong lead. A longer rant, joint written with my wife, will be coming up in the next couple of days.


Captain Earth Ep.2

Well, colour me pleasantly suprised. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a properly character driven mech-anime, but Captain Earth, with it’s duelling plots of Alien attacks and untrustworthy authority figures has me enjoying it immensely. The fact that the human commanders of Daichi and his comrades are willing to use a torture device to keep them in line speaks volumes, and we’re getting some tantalising hints at where the show will go.


Black Bullet Ep.2

Black Bullet doesn’t waste any time in setting it’s plot in motion, with the creepy-ass masked bad guy from last week challenging all the Civil Officers to beat him in finding a case held by a Gastrea that could disable the Bullshitanium Varanium monoliths that protect the city. On top of that Enju runs off after her school companions find out that she is a cursed child, leaving Satomi to track her down. It’s best summed up that I was decidedly disappointed when I found out the simulcast for this show isn’t for another twenty hours when I finished the episode.


Brynhildr in the Darkness Ep.2

A slightly slower episode this week that focused more on the relationship between Ryota and Kuroha than anything else. We were also introduced to Kana, a paralysed witch who has thew ability to predict deaths, which Kuroha then attempts to prevent. Mostly, what we got here was a bridging episode setting us up for next week, but with a compelling cast of characters, I’ve got plenty of reason  to keep watching.


Until later!ca


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