Weekly Roundup: Double Down

Yeesh, it’s been a dodgy couple of weeks for me, so you’re getting a double dosage of roundup this week!


But first, to state, I’m dropping Blade and Soul. It’s not doing anything for me, and I find it duller than a lecture on the industrial revolution of the cotton industry from Buzz Killington. So… yeah. It’s gone.



The world is still beautiful Eps. 3+4

I truly adore this show. We’ve got a strong female lead in Nike who is managing to go shot for shot with Livius, in what promises to be a lively relationship. In episode three, Nike is introduced to the great and the good of the sun kingdom, most of whom are insulting to the backwater princess, with Livius defending her and Nike having to take her own steps to win over the aristocrats. Most of which involved singing in bad Engrish. It was a good bridging episode that built up the flowering relationship between the two leads, but the real meat of the story began to kick in in episode four, with Nike having to justify her upcoming nuptials to the  Sun Kingdom’s priesthood. The episode ended on a cliffhanger as our heroine descended into the depths of mysterious cavern/temple to retrieve a sacred ring, only to find three of the priesthoods assassins waiting for her. I can’t wait for the next episodes, because this show has played a blinder thus far!


Kamigami no Asobi Eps 3+4

In the last two weeks episodes, the young gods decided to go to the beach and… you know what, fuck it. I give up. Genuinely, I’ve given up on this anime. Even with a strong lead in Kasunagi, this show is just absolute pants. The trick with any Harem anime is to play itself for laughs, and even the amusingly emo Hades can’t save this one. It just isn’t funny, and that, ultimately, is it’s downfall.



Captain Earth Eps 3+4

This is another excellent Anime that has been overlooked by some as simply another mech show, which really does it a disservice. This is an excellently character driven show that focusses far more on the dynamics between the central four characters than the mech action. TO be honest, thus far the action has been relatively thin on the ground. We had a very, VERY brief mech battle in episode three, that showed us  that Teppei can summon a mech in the same ways the bad guys can. Said bad guys then attacked the base in episode four, and we got some tantalising hints that Teppei is more deeply connected to the bad guys than previously thought. We were also introduced to hacker-girl Akari, who styles herself as a magical girl. Because of course. The show is moving at a leisurely pace at the moment, but the storytelling is solid, and thats what matters.


Brynhildr in the Darkness Eps 3+4

Well, that escalated quickly. From a relatively low-key second episode, we got a action packed pair of episodes that gave us a ton of exposition on the witches and their background, including the fact that if they don’t take medication for 36 hours, they bleed out and die. We were treated to the rather horrifying image of three young witches, including new cast member Kasumi, bleeding profusely as they ran out of meds. As a two parter, this was an excellent piece of storytelling, with the tension ramped up to eleven and the sense of danger permeating throughout. I can’t talk this anime up enough. It’s a must-watch.


Black Bullet Eps 3+4.

Like Strike the blood before it, Black Bullet has wrapped up it’s story in a neat little four part arc, with Rentaro and the creepily masked Kagetane facing off in an epic battle, where we find out that Rentaro has multiple Varanium prosthetic limbs. our hero gets wholes blown in his torso not once, but twice, and TEARS OFF HIS OWN ARM TO USE AS A RAILGUN BULLET – Thus making him the first anime character I’ve ever seen to use a railgun to fist a giant monster.

This is a great action series, and is well worth watching. It isn’t too demanding, but it’s very rewarding.

Until next time!



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