It’s been a little while.

Yeah, you may have noticed that my last post disappeared. Since I’m now linking to this blog as an example of my writing in job applications, I figured a lengthy discourse on my suicidal breakdown wouldn’t be the best thing for them to see.

(Dear potential employers – I’m okay, now, gimme a job!)

And now for a discourse on men hitting (and pretending to hit) each other!


MMA is still – ten years later – probably the fastest growing sport in the world. The UFC is now a truly international promotion, and everything from white collar events to national promotions have sprung up over the world.

MMA’s links to professional wrestling are one of the things that many – especially the head of UFC programming Dana White – have tried to sweep under the carpet. It’s part of the dirty history of the sport that they’d rather forget as they build towards the legitimate sporting promotions they want to be seen as.

That’s why, on a UFC show, you’d never hear former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar be referred to as a WWE champion. You’d never hear of Ken Shamrock’s time in both WWF and TNA.

But Bellator is a little bit different. They’re airing on the spike network in the states, alongside then USA’s distant Number Two wrestling promotion, TNA.

And TNA’s current World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley is about to fight Josh Burns. Now, Lashley has a decent record at 10-2, and Burns doesn’t have the best at 8-7, so TNA have been proudly shouting about how their destroyer champion is going to boost his MMA credentials. ANd yet noone down in Nashville seems to be asking the simple question: What if Lashley loses?

Bobby Lashley may be a second tier heel in TNA. He’s placed firmly behind MVP in the scheme of things on screen. But the fact is, he’s still the champion of a promotion that is pushing hard to boost it’s profile both domestically and internationally.

The odds are all on Lashley, but as we’ve seen before when Seth Petruzelli knocked out EliteXC’s top fighter Kimbo Slice, upsets can happen. I can guarantee to you that if Bobby Lashley gets knocked out, that shiny golden TNA blets is leaving his waist faster than lightning.

Genuinely, I can’t help but think thats its a poor decision to allow Lashley to compete. TNA is rapidly overshadowing Bellator as the bigger brand – at least on an international stage. It has a bigger TV presence than a lot of other wrestling promotions, and whilst Bellator is one of many MMA promotions, the TV wrestling pool is a hell of a lot shallower. TNA cannot afford to have it’s champion¬†beaten on a televised MMA showcase – the damage to it’s credibility would far outweigh any potential benefit that a crossover with an MMA audience would have – especially given the fact that most MMA fans treat wrestling likes its some form of devil worship.

Of course, TNA doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to smart decisions, does it?


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