When writing isn’t happening.

I’m not the quickest writer in the world. In between bouts of misery, frustration and self loathing, I try and write, but often as not I’m currently spending more time staring at the screen than anything else.

This is pretty frustrating when you see the prolific output of other writers, and even more so when you remember how prolific your own output used to be. I used to spend all my free time writing, but I just don’t seem to do that any more. I’m trying to get a move on with High Moon, even to the point where I’ve planned out where it’s going to fit into other stories, how the whole meta-verse around it works and all that jazz.

When it comes to getting the words down though, I just look at what I have done, decide it’s shit, and go do something else because I feel that I’m intrinsically worthless.

Yeah, this isn’t the happiest of posts, but it’s my fucking blog, so who cares.


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