Oh my god Ben, get some writing done…

I am suffering what I refer to as the last act blues.

It’s that wonderful point where you get to the last, climactic scenes of a story arc, and then stare at the screen, wondering exactly what the hell you’re trying to write. In my case, its supposed to be a titanic battle between a dragon and a Lycanthropic Gunslinger. It’s turning out to be less that titanic at the moment.

It’s frustrating. Sometimes, writing comes easily, sometimes not, but it’s rarely more frustrating than when it comes at a pivotal point in the story.

Yesterday, I sat there for ages trying to write, then I started to procrastinate, and went and set up a cricket app on my phone instead. I’m trying to get back to that sweet spot of writing, but it’s difficult. After yesterday’s positivity, today has felt a bit… flat. Hopefully I’ll get there again soon.


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