The building blocks of a metaverse…

A couple of years ago, I was trying to do NaNoWriMo for the umpteenth time – in about six attempts, I’ve only ‘won’ once.

Anyway, I started writing a story called “A study in Gemstones,” a fantasy murder-mystery set in a city floating in a void in time and space. The city was called Carthage, and featured elements taken from various different places around the world that had been misplaced in a magical disaster.

It also had a Werewolf Gunslinger roaming it’s streets,who happened to have found his way over there. Jim just get’s everywhere, doesn’t he?

This was when I was in a bit of a hiatus on High Moon. I was still working on Bard of Dreams at the time and Gemstones was little more than a diversion, really. Then, after I finished Bard of Dreams and realised it wasn’t actually very good,  I went back to High Moon and started to get a bit more invested. I started to think about how I could connect it to Carthage, and build that story together.

At the time, I was also playing around with a story called Time and Tide, about a group of British Magicians hunting down Arthurian relics. The proverbial jigsaw started to come together in my head, and I started to look at having a wider universe than just one series of stories and one set of characters.

I have plans. I have ideas. And they are coming together at last.


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