A moment of unbridled relief.

Okay, so for the last week I’ve been trying to write the third act of High Moon like mad, with rather limited success. A lot of my recalcitrance in terms of my writing was coming from the fact that I really wasn’t sure whether what I was writing was actually any good, or whether it worked in the scheme of the story.

SO, after a week of mentally flagellating myself over the story, I eventually did the smart thing, and printed off the entirety of the third arc and rad it through.

There are issues with it, to be sure, but to be honest, it isn’t as bad as I thought it was. A lot of the dialogue works, and whilst the plot framework could use some tweaking, it isn’t actually as terrible as it felt when I was struggling with it last week.

What’s more annoying is the typos. You see, I write in British English – or “English”, as it should be known. The problem is that all my spellcheckers work in American English – or “Wrong.”

My main way of getting around this is by turning the spellchecker off, or just ignoring it. Unfortunately, this means I get more than my share of missing letters and misspellings. More annoyingly, I’ve forgotten to put the page numbers in the footer, so it’s more difficult to cross reference when I’m line-by-lining the printed version.

Oh well, no-one ever said this was meant to be easy. Back to the grindstone.


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