Sleeplessness induced creativity… gotta love it.

Well, I was lying in bed last night as the clock slowly ticked its way towards half past two. I’d gone to bed three hours earlier, but my brain refused, just point blank refused to switch off. Apparently, it had decided it had had enough of this latest bout of writers block, because all that was flowing through my synapses was story ideas!

Unfortunately, seeing as I was in work this morning, I couldn’t really justify getting up in order to write. And so I lay there, stewing in my own proverbial writing juices, thinking up story ideas to follow on from High Moon Rising.

Regrettably, however, I had to go to work this morning, but for the first time in ages I remembered to take my notebook with me, and spent all day in between calls scribbling notes and fleshing out the universe for my stories.

I’ve decided to go on a slightly different route for the second set of stories in the universe, jumping over the Atlantic ocean to England – mostly – and the guild of magicians that acts as a British counterpart to the USA’s ‘X division.’

The idea behind the Guild and X division is that if mythological creatures exist, then there has to be some kind of force there to oppose them. Jim has been co-opted by X Division in the states, but I’ve already got a new character entering the mix to be the paranormal lead for the guild’s team.

But that’s an entry for another day. Back with more news soon!


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