Let’s get ready to rumble…

There’s something strangely exhilarating about finally getting to write a fight scene. After having spent the last two weeks or so building up the scene, there is something really really cathartic about having a werewolf punch a dragon in the face.

There are literally some sentences that it is awesome to write, and that’s one of them.

I’m starting to feel a strange kind of nervous tension now I’ve started to write this scene, it’s a weird, climactic feeling. I’ve written more today than I have in the past few weeks, and that’s normally a little bit of a sign that my brain is going at 200mph. It’s a symptom of where my brain goes at this point in time.

I’ve had pictures in my head of the different stages of Jim’s werewolf forms. One is your normal garden variety wolf, but theres also what I’ve been capitalising as “The Werewolf.” This is the creature that went toe-to-toe with a Wendigo in the second arc of Jim Ashwood’s stories, a six-to-eight foot tall monster that lives to kill and feed. I had a very clear inspiration for this form, one that came from a long time ago for me, and an awesome film that I’ve loved for years… Dog Soldiers.

Dog_Soldiers_zps3c98f611I’ve always loved that design because it feels real. The use of prosthetic makeup is something that doesn’t often get done these days, but I always found that design scary. Dog Soldiers was so influential on High Moon that I’ve even added a couple of little tributes to it in the story.

But theres one more form as well… and for that you’ll have to read the book when it comes out!


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