A pleasant change of pace.

Well, I didn’t get too much writing today, as after a relatively sparse month my wife and I decided to have a nice date day, topped by a visit to the cinema to see Jurassic World. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie – especially as the Raptors reminded me of my pet cockatiel!

In terms of writing, I’ve only really managed to get a couple of hundred words done, but that isn’t too bad considering my late start for the evening. As a bit of a preview, I’m going to share today’s work – the opening introduction to Order of BritainThe Devil’s Regiment.

Hope you enjoy it!

Perkins wiped the sweat from his brow, and pushed his helmet back down onto his scalp. He cocked one eye at the unyielding sky, and cursed.

That’s enough of that, private.” Sergeant Mortimer snapped. Perkins glanced at the man, squinting against the blazing sun. Somehow, Mortimer looked as if he’d just stepped off the parade ground, his red uniform clean and bright, his face dry.

Sorry, sarge.” Perkins murmured.

The sergeant was staring out into the scrublands around the fort, his eyes sweeping for enemies. Perkins took a moment to crouch behind the rampart, leaning his Henry-Martini rifle against the stone wall.

Oh, don’t mind me lad, I’ll just keep watch on me own, shall I?” The sergeant griped. Perkins grinned up at him, and lifted his canteen from the floor, taking a deep drink of water. He passed the canteen up to the sergeant, who winked at him and took a drink.

Do you think they’ll come again?” Perkins asked.

The sergeant stood silently for a few moments, glowering out into the sparse vegetation.

I reckon so, lad. Don’t reckon they’ll stop coming.”

The private levered himself to his feet, and hefted is rifle up to his shoulder.

What do you think they want?”

Blood. Vengeance. Death. Whatever it is, they haven’t got it yet.”

Perkins grunted, his eyes scanning the terrain.

A shimmering wave of heat swept out of the desert. The two soldier glanced at each other, and hefted their rifles.

Here they come, lads! Make yourselves ready!”

The British soldiers rushed to the walls as the heat haze began to coalesce and solidify into the forms of men.


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