Someone better call Europe, because it’s the Final Countdown!

I am currently flickering in between euphoria and pants-wetting terror. I’ve waited for this moment for so long that now it’s finally here, I’m scared stiff.

By this time tomorrow, High Moon Rising: Blood and Fang will be available on the kindle market. I know there’s a fair few of my fellow writers following this blog – I wonder if you guys and girls were this nervous before your work hit the proverbial shelves!

But, come what may, I’m trying to feel positive. Even if I get the sum total of one sale – and that’ll be someone I know – this is the single biggest step I’ve taken as a writer. I started off writing fanfiction when I was 16, and it’s gone onwards from there.

Enough of this self-reverential nonsense. I’ll post when the book goes up tomorrow. Thanks to everyone thus far for your support/


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