Learning curves and fastball serves.

Self – or indie – as some people, like to call it – publishing is a… interesting experience. I started out as a writer trying to do what everyone does, find and agent, find a publisher, and then hope for the best. The interesting part of indie publishing as that it puts the onus entirely on you as the writer to do all the extra bits that agents and publishers would normally handle.

I was never really built for marketing or business – beyond a little bit of copy-writing for work, I never had any involvement in any marketing material and I don’t really have the figures for figuring out what the hell business is. My pathological hatred of spreadsheets certainly contributes to that.

So I’m pretty sure that learning as you go along isn’t the ideal way to figure out how to do all this stuff. I’m eternally grateful for my wife, who figures most of this stuff out and then tries explaining it to me. She’s also my editor, proofreader and illustrator, and I couldn’t have done any of this without her!

There are still a lot of lessons to learn going forward. For a start putting the story out at price point of $2.99/£1.99 definitely wasn’t a good idea – since I’ve dropped it to $0.99/£0.99, I’ve made two sales that actually may not be members of my family and friends. I’ve also taken on board the feedback that the first story was too short, and although the second story is short as well, the page count is going to start increasing from then on. blood and fang’s origins as a short story definitely show, but once it picks up pace, it keeps going – I hope at least.

Trying to drum up interest on a Monday is also a lot more effective than trying to do it on a Saturday night as well – for some reason, lots of people find better things to do on a weekend than go on the internet. I don’t entirely understand that mentality, because the internet is life.

I’m keeping up with my writing schedule though – for possibly the first time in ever. So that’s a good thing. Feel free to click on the books link and drop a few pence my way if you like a fun little read!


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