To DRM or not to DRM…

You’ll have to forgive me for the lateness of this blog. It’s been a difficult weekend personally – My wife has been very ill and has gone into hospital, and that’s taken a priority over literally everything else – as I’m sure you can all appreciate.

In other news, I’m grouchy because my sales have slowed and dropped off. I shouldn’t be, really. I’m a new author in a pretty niche genre and I don’t really have an awful lot of background. But I do wish I was still getting at least one sale a day, rather than having a five day stretch of ‘nout.

Of course, all my lovely readers could go buy my book and make me feel better about it.

Don’t judge me – it’s worth a try.

Anyways to my main topic of the evening. Digital Rights Management.

The concept of DRM is pretty much a dirty word online at the moment. Mainly that’s focused on the gaming market – gamers are pretty much the grumpiest collective group of people in the know universe, so it was never going to be a good idea to tell them that their games were coming bundled with various little widgets that would control their experience.

So when I had the choice of adding DRM to High Moon Rising I chose not to. I’d love to say it was an entirely altruistic choice, but the truth is that I knew that doing so would stand more of a chance of pissing off readers than actually bringing them in – and god knows that with a sum total of eleven sales, I definitely need to bring more readers in.

For someone in my position, DRM would be a pointless endeavour. But there are other, much bigger authors on Kboards who are starting to have trouble with piracy – and are considering turning DRM on.

Some of them ask the open question of if they should, and I always say no. If you turn on DRM, not only are you alienating your fans, but the problem with some parts of internet culture these days is that you’ll be painting a big old bullseye on your work. People will pirate you over a principle rather than just because they like your writing.

Is it really worth the hassle, end of the day?


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