Devil shall be me sergeant…

I’m really enjoying  writing The Devil’s Regiment. I mean, REALLY enjoying it.

When I was in my teens, some of my favourite books were Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe series. Some of you may know the TV series where Sean Bean plays Richard Sharpe, although in that version he’s from Yorkshire rather than Essex. I’m starting to get a certain feel of that type of Action-Adventure story in TDR. Enough that I almost want it to be the next thing I publish!

That said, I’m having a wee struggle with the fact that I’m managing a much larger cast than I’m used to. I’ve currently got the three main agents, a Lieutenant, two sergeants, a lance corporal and a private to manage, and all of them have their little quirks. I’ve got everything from a half-dragon age to a cynical welsh soldier, and I’m worried that I’m not spending enough time on characterisation. that said,m the next story takes a very different tone, so I suppose I can get away with this one being a bit more action based – and the fact that all three characters are introduced in the third high moon rising book does give me a slight advantage. It’s mainly Callum I’ve got to do the most development on at the moment.

I’m starting to worry about my sales numbers a bit – and I know I shouldn’t. I’m a new writer writing niche stories, so I really shouldn’t expect too much, but five days without a sale starts to make me a bit twitchy. That’s probably an insecurities/mental health thing. I do spend a lot of time beating myself up over random crap.

Ah well, back to work. I want to crack 500 words before bedtime.


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