Pushing the pause button.

Whew, long week was long. In between all the personal stuff that’s been going on, I’ve got a lot of work done, to the point that I’m starting to reach the crescendo on Devil’s Regiment.

I’m actually enjoying writing this story a lot. I’ve been enjoying writing in general, but this one has really been good fun to write. I do need to read it over to make sure the characters work: I can’t really gamble on readers having read the third, as yet untitled, high moon rising book, so I need to make sure the characters are established and can stand on their own.

However, that’s all for tomorrow. I wrenched my shoulder in my sleep, and it’s actually difficult to sit at the computer. I still made sure I got at least 500 words duke to take me over the 12k mark, but I’m now going to take a wee rest.

Well, I am ahead of schedule after all!


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