Ticking all the boxes.

So, I’m making a big effort to close off the 13k mark of Devil’s Regiment  today, and due to the way the chips have fallen, most of that writing has taken place after 9pm this evening. Realistically, I could have slacked off a bit – I’m well ahead of schedule to hit the 20k minimum I want for this story before the 27th, which is when I hope to get Hungry Mountains up onto the kindle store.

But I really, really want to prove to myself that I can do this. It’s been a difficult couple of weeks, and I need to prove to myself as much as anything that I can keep writing even when things aren’t necessarily going right.

Anyway, not a long entry, but you can’t always have profound things to say. Besides, I need to sleep and I’ve still got 129 words to go!

But I’m not so tired that I won’t pimp my book.



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