Warp factor 5, Scotty!

over on Kboards, there is a group who call themselves the Thousand-Word-A-Day club. I pretty much figured a long time ago that there was literally no way I was ever going to be in that group. I’m simply not that prolific – Hell, my target was three hundred words a day.

And yet, after hitting 13,000 words last night, I ticked over 14,000 this evening. I have literally, literally no idea how I’m doing this.

If I can keep this up, I’ll have the minimum target hit by Monday. Currently, of a day, I’m getting home from  work at 3:30, writing 500 words, going off to see Bex in the hospital for visiting hours at 5:30 getting home afterwards, writing another 500 words, eating my dinner, going to bed, then getting up to do the whole bloody thing all over again!

I can tell you something: My videogaming time is seriously bloody suffering for all of this writing malarky. Part of me’s hoping that I can actually make enough money to buy back my Xbox One after having to sell it off last year, but at the rate things are going I’ll never have time to play the damn thing!

It’s probably for the best though – I’ll never make a career out of writing if I play games all the time, I suppose!

On top of all the writing, editing for High Moon Rising: Hungry Mountain is in full swing, with a planned release date of 27/08/15. I chose that date mainly because that’s the start of Payday period for most people in the UK, so I general is a pretty good time to get a book out to market. There’s certain personal  factors that are playing into that, but we shall see what happens.


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