3k left to go.

Well, I wasn’t going to write a blog today, but you’re all so lovely I decided to treat you.

It’s been a difficult day. I was fine up until i started heading home, when my mood just crashed. I got in and just felt decidedly lackluster, and even a little bit weepy. There wasn’t really any reasoning behind it, I just had a weird day.

So I sat at the computer, staring at the screen for a while, and finally got writing. It was weird – the pace I’ve been keeping up for the past  couple of weeks has been pretty high, so the struggle to get the words down on page really put me a bit lower than I have been. To be honest, when I’m in this kind of mood, it feels more like I’m writing My Immortal than something original.

It was a bit of a fight, but I finally managed to crack my word count about half an hour ago. It helped that the big battle scene is starting to kick  off – it adds a sort of momentum to writing that helped me to get moving.

To be honest, it might just be that I’m pretty tired. I’ve been riding kind of a high since starting this Devil’s Regiment. Punishing my first story and starting to enjoy writing again has got me going, but I suppose you can’t keep riding the wave forever.

I’m still pretty chuffed I managed to hit my word count despite my mood – it wasn’t too long ago I wouldn’t have been able to do that. I’m looking forward to spending a nice, quiet day with my wife tomorrow though!

Nearly there…


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