Into the breach, dear friends…

Well, I’m pretty happy today. The reason for said happiness is they the twenty thousand word goal for the Devil’s Regiment fell today, with a little bit of the story still to go.

I’m deep into the end game of the story at the moment, and it’s a case of pushing through to the finish. I’m hoping to put the wrap on it tomorrow, but to be honest I’m pretty chuffed that I hit the minimum length I set for myself with ten days to spare before the next book comes out.

Amusingly once I start the next story I’m flipping back over to Jim Ashwood, with a new adventure that I hope will be pretty entertaining. More on that in the near future.

The long term idea is to alternate the stories so that I can keep both groups of characters fresh – for myself and for my readers. They’re actually very different stories to write, what with the High Moon Rising stories being more Americana in style, whilst the Order of Britain books lean towards more classical adventure stories.

That challenge is pretty vital for me, because I learnt a while back not to let myself get bored wiring, otherwise I’ll fob it off.

I’m starting to develop some pretty cool plans for the two series, and I hope you’ll all stick along for the ride.


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