More centuries than an Australian Batsman.

So, 23 days and 22180 words later, I’ve finished Order of Britain – The Devil’s Regiment. And god almighty has it been really good fun!

The reason that High Moon Rising, as a whole, took so long to write was that for a long time in the middle I really stopped enjoying writing. There were a lot of mental health factors involved in that, that I’ve gone over before in other entries and that I really don’t want to retread. Looking back, I think one of the problems was that I hadn’t really settled on a method of writing yet, so I was hovering somewhere in between a short story and a Novel.

Moving to the serialisation pattern is really working well for me. It keeps things fresh, it keeps me interested, and more than anything else, it keeps me motivated. I’ve got two good sets of characters that I can flick between to keep things moving, and the more I write, the more involved the plans for the future get.

On the next story, though, I’m shifting back to the good ol’ USA and Jim Ashwood’s continuing work for the US Government’s X Division. The concept for this story is a bit of a fun one, as – whilst I want to keep the character arcs moving – I also want to have fun stories that stand on their own two feet. Hungry Mountain  and The Serpent’s Fangs –  the second and third Ashwood stories – both have arc development, so a bit of a standalone is in order with this one, as much to keep the overall development and timing between the two series in sync, as I’m building up to an avengers-esque crossover event further down the line.

You can’t claim I’m not ambitious, at least!

Some fun stats for today’s blog:

I have:

three book releases in hand,

four proofreader/editors (thanks, Bex, Becky and Ste!)

Sixteen book sales (It was fifteen, but someone bought a copy of Blood and Fang literally as I was writing this blog!)

266 Kindle Edition Normalised Pages on Kindle Unlimited…

And One Hundred Blog Entries!

Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me this far, and here’s to the next One Hundred!


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