It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint…

Well I’ve had what can only be described as a productive day. I’ve written 2000 words, brought the total of Off the Rails up to 5k, and put myself in a pretty decent position as far as the story goes.

One of the problems with trying to maintain a word-count is that you can start to focus too much on it and that’s where you can start to lose a hold of the story. I don’t think I’ve put myself in that position thus far, but I’m having to be pretty aware of it, just in case.

Like The Devil’s RegimentOff the Rails is turning out to be a pretty enjoyable story to write. I’m trying to keep it a bit more focused on the characters. Jim and his family are main parts of the story, and their relationship to X-Division is being put to the test throughout this story – I’m throwing in some revelations that are designed to upset the semi-cozy relationship between  – for lack of a better term – our world and that of the supernatural elements in the story.

I did put a lot of thought in before introducing vampires into the story, but I needed a strong antagonist with forces at it’s command. The bad guys in the previous books have had some similar powers, but this one is certainly going to result in some fun times – for a start, I’m putting Jim in a position where the aces aren’t all in his hand, which is something I haven’t really done before.

There isn’t too much of an advancement in the overall arc of the stories in this book – I wanted one that would stand on it’s own as a fun story, while spending a bit more time with the characters.

It’s a pleasant way to spend a Sunday evening, at least.


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