A slightly relaxed evening.

So, after a marathon writing session yesterday, I took a bit of time off this evening to go and have dinner with a friend and my wife. It was nice to spend some time off, but I still got a bit twitchy – from the moment I left work, I wanted to get home and write!

I spent a bit of time building up the first attack of the baddies on my characters, giving a good basis for the next action scenes. I’m definitely enjoying this story – there’s so many fun ways to develop the story that I’m going to have to make a decision soon on whether certain characters who I’ve built up for a while are going to make it through the book.

It’s weird deciding whether or not to kill significant characters. This must be how George R R Martin feels all the time.

Not much else to say today, it’s full speed ahead towards Thursday, when Hungry Mountains is  due to launch. I’m looking forward to that – it feels like and age since Blood and Fang hit the shelves, and, although Hungry Mountains is a bit shorter, I feel that the quality of the writing is a leap forward over the first book. Book three, The Serpent’s Fangs is a slightly different tone, focusing on building up the background of both X-Division and The Guild of Mages.  It’s a bit of a leap, but it introduces a lot of the world to the story. I’ve also got a fair bit of work to put together the omnibus edition. This first one is only weighing in at 150-odd pages, but I want to add in some extra content, and since there’s going to be a print version as well, I’ve got a whole load of formatting work to do.

I suppose I’d better get cracking, really!


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