Just the facts, sir, just the facts…

I’ve been facing a little bit of a moment over the last few days, where I’ve been thinking about word counts. I’ve been averaging about 1000 words a day with occasional forays into the 2000 mark, but I’ve been thinking about the End game for High moon Rising: Off the Rails. I went into the story with the intention of aiming for a similar length to The Devil’s Regiment, a 20k+story, but as it goes on, I realise that to hit that total I would have to do some serious padding to the story.

That is not, in any way, a route I want to go down. With that in mind, I’m having to make a conscious effort to write to the story, rather than the targets. As it stands, I’ve hit Eleven thousand words for Off the Rails, and at the rate it’s going I’m probably going to wrap it up at around the 15-17k mark. That’s still a pretty substantial Novella – the first High Moon Rising wrapped at about 13k, and Hungry Mountains at just over 10k.

I’ve been at this whole writing gig pretty hard for the last few weeks – and I’ve mainly been enjoying every second of it! I’ve had a couple of rough  days, but I suppose everyone does!

For right now though, the goal is to keep my focus. In just a few days time, I’m going to be jumping into the next Order of Britain story, and that requires a bit of a shift in gears from the High Moon Rising books. Jim Ashwood’s adventures are a lot more action based than Callum Drake’s – and given that the Order books have three main protagonists rather than one, there’s a lot more proverbial ground to cover. The next story is going to focus a lot more on the psychological applications of magic and the damage it could cause in the hands of someone disturbed. I’m looking forward to it – I grew up reading James Herbert horror novels, and they’re definitely going to be an inspiration here for a darker type of story!

In the meantime, don’t forget to grab a free copy of High Moon Rising: Blood and Fang – free until the end of Monday!


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