A little bit of Housekeeping.

Well, the free book promo seems to be going well – I’m starting to see one or two through-sales, and I’ve shifted 80 free units thus far. With that in mind – and seeing that I’m getting a bit more webtraffic from it, I’ve got a few little bits to add today:


  1. The paperback omnibus is being shifted back to December. Not that I don’t love you all, but I need to be looking at the Christmas market!
  2. The free promo has been extended until Tuesday – some of the marketing lists I signed up with have set that as the end date, so I decided to adhere to it. Click here to grab your copy of High Moon Rising: Blood and Fang.
  3. The Next books title is now officially High Moon RisingThe Serpent’s Fangs.
  4. I have a facebook page! Come along and hit like for updates: http://www.facebook.com/benmyattwriter
  5. Also, follow on twitter for news of any Promos, announcements or the odd rant about cricket/rugby: http://www.twitter.com/bendanarama
  6. That’s about all for now.
  7. Why are you still here?
  8. You can stop reading.
  9. Seriously, stop.
  10. I’m going. Bye.

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