Free Book Promotion – stats and figures.

So, a weekend of promotion later, and I thought I’d do a quick roundup of the figures.

In between Friday and Tuesday, I shifted 98 free units of High Moon Rising: Blood and Fang and Five paid units of High Moon Rising: Hungry Mountains. I’m pretty happy with that as a total – it’s the first time I’ve gone over 100 books in such a short period, and I’d like to think that some of the people who got free copies will come back to pick up paid ones later one.

Whilst I haven’t had any massive spikes in paid sales, I have had some fairly big leaps in pages read on Kindle Unlimited – over 300 pages, the rough equivalent of six books. Again, I’m happy with these numbers. I have to remind myself I’m just starting out at times, and these numbers are relatively decent.

I haven’;t had any reviews, but it has only been a few days. Hopefully I’ll get some positive ones!

In terms of coverage, I’ve hit larger amounts of population than ever before – most of my sales before came from the UK with occasional blips in the US. With the free promotion I’ve had predominantly US downloads, but I’ve also had downloads from Spain, Australia, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands and Japan. Since the whole idea behind this promo was to expand my audience in these early days I think it’s fair to say mission accomplished on that score.

I’ve also learnt a lot about different promotional routes to use, and took the time to invest and investigate some of them., for example is a damn good way to promote work like mine, and seems to get a good reception.

All in all, for writing career that’s less than two months old, I think it went pretty well. We’ll see if we can pick up some long term effects as time goes on.



    1. I would say it had a large effect. The spikes in downloads were largely from the US audience that the promotional sites were aimed at, and started to tail off once I began to rein in the promotional work.

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        1. Looking at it in a bit more detail, I’d say the split was around 25% twitter click-through, 30-40% promotion click through and then mostly Amazon finds after those two had pushed it up the rankings. If you;re planning on doing a free promo, don’t make the mistake I did and put all the promotion into place at the last minute – I got Blood and Fang into the top 100 on all its categories, but I didn’t give most of the promotion sites I applied to enough time to get materials into place, which meant only two accepted the promotion.

          Have a nosy at, their ebook subm ission tool was invaluable.

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