Fear is the mind killer.

I’m starting to get  a bit nervous. At the end of the month – and thankfully, according to the folks over at Kboards, I’m not the only one having a dry month on Kindle sales – I’m publishing High Moon Rising: The Serpents Fangs.  Now, this isn’t my first dip into the Kindle Market waters, but I’m especially nervous about this release.

Whilst the first two books have focused entirely on Jim’s adventures, this is the point where we get the fork in the road – I’ve got one set of characters continuing in the High Moon Rising series, and another going off into the Order of Britain. As I’m sure you can imagine the sudden shift in focus does make me a little bit twitchy. I’m well into writing the second Order book, and I’ve already finished the fourth High Moon Rising book and I’ve got the draft files already set up for the next two books on KDP.

Part of me is hopeful, but it never, ever stops me being nervous. I just want the 27th to get here so I can pull the trigger on The Serpents Fangs!


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