Herman is quiet again.

After my little ramble last night, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions: the first is that I shouldn’t blog whilst sleep deprived, and the second is that it really helps writing stuff like that down!

Anyways,  moving onwards. Work continues unabated – I’ve only had one day in the last few weeks where I didn’t hit the one thousand word mark, and I’m well ahead of schedule with the next order of Britain story. Theoretically, could take a day off, but I don’t want to lose the momentum. Currently, it’s all steam ahead towards the crossover event in planning between the two series next year. I’ve got two more high moon rising books and one more order of Britain book before I get there,  but I’m well on track. Its a little but odd bring this productive – I haven’t written this consistently since I was writing fanfiction back in school!

It’s not just the writing either. I’ve got a ton of work to do to get the print version of the high moon rising omnibus ready. Thankfully,  createspace has a lot of useful templates that will save me a ton of time,  but still… so much to do!

I’m freaking loving it. Do I wish I was getting more sales? Of course. But they’ll come in time. For now though,  I’m enjoying the ride.


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