The next few stops on the rails…

OK, so where do we go from here? The simple answer is… forwards! So here’s the next three books, and what they’re about.

September 25th: High Moon Rising: The Serpents Fangs:

Summoned to Washington by a shadowy Government agency, Sheriff Jim Ashwood is thrown into a battle between magical forces that even a Werewolf would struggle against!
With new allies and old friends alike, Jim prepares himself to face his greatest challenge yet – the Church of the Serpent!

October 27th: The Order of Britain: The Devil’s Regiment:

Callum Drake, a half-dragon mage, is recruited into the Order of Britain – a special branch of Britain’s Guild of Mages. As their first mission, the members of the Order are dispatched to a remote fort in India, where British soldiers are under siege from a force of demonic redcoats.

Callum and his companions, Elizabeth and Nathaniel, must use all their wits and abilities to survive and defeat the Devil’s own Regiment!

November 27th: High Moon Rising: Off The Rails:

After capturing an ancient vampire, Jim and his family are tasked with making sure it reaches a secure facility – the catch? It’s on the other side of the country! With a private government train at their disposal and enough ammunition to stop anything in their way, the Ashwood family will have to use all their skills and cunning to make sue they reach the end of the track in one piece!


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