Dipping my toes into murky waters…

Promotion is probably the biggest topic on Kboards, and for me that’s why I consider it one of my most valuable resources when it comes to learning what to do as a kindle author. I’ve learnt an awful lot from those forums, and after seeing some of the results and thoughts from the more successful authors on there,  I  decided to take the plunge and spend $10 on a promotion from bKnights.

It’s a pretty big step for me, but as much as anything I’m testing the waters to see just what results I get. BKnights has a very good reputation both on fiverr and among the writing community so I figured what the hell?

The promo is going out on Saturday, so it’s a watch this space situation, but I look forward to seeing if I get any positive movement.

In the meantime, and after a lot of rather tiring trial and error, I’ve been formatting the print volume of High Moon Rising. This took me about three hours, due to some irritating issues I was having with the templates,  but the inside of the book is now nearly done, and then it’s just a case of getting the cover sorted and ordering the proof! I am – to put it mildly – rather excited about this. Selling through KDP is awesome,  but there’s going to be something special about holding my own book in my hands as a printed edition. I even got excited after getting my ISBN numbers assigned last night!

Tomorrow, though, I’m going to take my first day off writing in about four months. There’s a simple reason  for this: rugby. The world cup starts tomorrow, and if you’ve followed me on Twitter I apologise in advance for what I’m about to put you through. Trust me when I say: it’s nothing compared to what my wife will be suffering over the next few weeks!


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