Building back up…

Well, I  can only really  describe the last few days as ‘interesting.’ Not bad, by any means but definitely a bit difficult.

On Friday, I took my planned day off, and I have to say I did quite enjoy  it. I’m at the point in The Madness Stone that is known technically as ‘the fiddly bit in the middle’ and I have been struggling with it for the last week or so. I’m still enjoying writing, but occasionally I get  a bit bored of the transitional phases in the centre of my story. So I took a day off, had a meal with Bex down the pub and watched the rugby. All was well.

I’m Saturday, I tried to carry on writing, but I seemed to have lost a bit of the momentum I’d built. I didn’t feel quite right, and my concentration was a bit off. I also went out a had my photo taken by my friend Stephen for a more professional looking author photo.

Photograph ©Stephen Denton, 2015. Thanks to Liverpool Central Library

So after a brief sojourn to the pub, I went home – just in time to see Japan put the final touch on their win over South Africa – and got the rest of my thousand words for the day done. I was starting to feel a bit rough as evening came round and made for an early night.

And then came Sunday. I woke up, and really wished I hadn’t. My head was thumping, my throat was scratchy and my eyes felt like someone had inserted red hot toothpicks into them. Yeah, I’d come down with a cold. It hasn’t been massively bad, but it did knock me out for most of Sunday.

I meant to get back on course with the writing yesterday, but I was still a little lacking in energy. I’ve gotten back into it today, but the momentum will need to build back up. Thankfully I’ve got the fun of the next book launch on Friday to look forward to!


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